Appraisal Practice Consultation Uspap Check Up


Be sure your appraisals are USPAP compliant

To begin your USPAP Check-Up, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up by clicking on the the "Pay Now" button. APC will be advised that you have ordered these services.
  2. You will be sent a Consultation Agreement which outlines the scope of work, etc. It also makes Mark Loftus a consultant to you, enabling you to share the at-issue appraisal report and workfile without violating the Confidentiality component of the Ethics Rule. If you are in agreement, you will sign, scan, and return the document to APC.​

  3. Once the signed Consultation Agreement is received by APC, you will be sent the instructions for providing the appraisal report and workfile you want analyzed in digital format. 
  4. It is very important to read the instructions, titled PREPPING WORKFILE PRIOR TO SENDING and send documentation as described. Otherwise, APC will have to organize and label the files using time you paid for.
  5. After review and annotation of the appraisal report and workfile, you will be contacted to arrange an online meeting via GoToMeeting.
  6. No webcam is needed for this meeting. It will consist of looking at the appraisal report and discussing it via either a telephone line or mic and speakers/headphones.
  7. The meeting takes about an hour. At its conclusion the meeting is saved and shared with you via OneDrive. You will also be provided with a copy of the annotated appraisal report and any other notes or data collected.

  • An online meeting to discuss findings. A recording of this meeting is made available to you for your files.

  • Also provided to you is an annotated copy of the appraisal report discussed and any supporting documentation.

  • Discussion of problem areas found in the report and workfile and remedies for them.


The fee is $200/hr with 2-hour retainer.

Below is the information needed to help with your USPAP Check-Up. Send an email to OR leave in the Notes section of either PayPal or Venmo the following:

  • Name (as on your appraiser license)
  • License/Certification number
  • Type of license: Cert. General/Cert. Res/Licensed/Trainee
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Address

Payment for the USPAP Check-Up can be made via:

Is it time for a check-up? Do you want to be certain your appraisal reports comply with USPAP?
A two-hour* USPAP Check-Up might be just what the doctor ordered! APC
 will examine an appraisal report and workfile of your choosing for compliance with USPAP.

The service includes: