For an explanation of the Appraisal Defender process


  1. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE BOARD - until you've contacted APC, an attorney, your insurance carrier, or a combination of those three;
  2. DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE COMPLAINANT - Once a complaint is filed, the board becomes the Complainant, and you'll respond to them in due time;
  3. DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY - Do not discuss the complaint with anyone until you've contacted APC, an attorney, your insurance carrier, or a combination of those three;
  4. MAKE PDF COPIES OF YOUR WORK FILE -  the complaint, the appraisal report(s) in questions, etc. These will be needed by APC, an attorney, your insurance carrier, or a combination of those three; and
  5. Contact APC at, or 512-554-3866 with any questions.


Let APC help you defend your appraisal 


The fee is $175/hr with a 6-hour minimum retainer of $1,050. In most instances, the complaint and related documentation can be examined, and a response can be sent to the regulators in under 6 hours. Time that is not used will be refunded to you.

For consultation, contact Mark Loftus at

The experience of a complaint is traumatic enough but without your help I have no doubt the outcome would have been much worse. My initial thoughts on how and what to defend were quite different than the areas you suggested I work on, and you were proven correct. By following your advice, instead of what I thought was correct, I had many of the answers ready and waiting.

​M. Morris

​Aledo, TX


State appraisal boards don't just investigate the allegations of a complaint. They are also required to review the submitted appraisal(s) for compliance with USPAP.  

Consequently, an appraiser unaware of these violations can be quite surprised by the findings of the investigators. Even if the allegations are dismissible, there can still be problems.

APC will let you know what problems are in the appraisal(s) before you respond. This can have a huge impact on your communication with the board and the outcome of your case. (see Disclaimer)

After receiving my first complaint in 12 years of appraising, I made the decision to hire Mark Loftus to assist in my response to the board. Mr. Loftus was knowledgeable, organized and efficient. I also paid a little extra for his time to review my report not just for the complaint, but also for best practices. This was money well spent as he thoroughly made me aware of what I was doing well, and also what I could do better. The complaint was dismissed and I am happy that I hired assistance for this matter. I would recommend his services to not only appraisers facing complaints, but also appraisers who want to complete better quality appraisals.

​K. Norris

​Judson, TX