APC Staff Training


     USPAP - for reviewers, assignment team, and customer-service employees

     State Law Training for AMC Compliance:

         - Appraisal Review requirements

         - Annual USPAP review requirements

         - Appraiser disclosure requirements

     Minimizing appraisal fee increases for "complex" properties:

         - When to push back if asked for complex fee increases

         - Tools for the assignment team at the time of the assignment

         - Training in what is truly complex, etc.

     Appraisal Review

         - Review for efficiency and accuracy

         - Reduce review times while maintaining appraisal report quality

APC's Vendor Training provides one-day and two-day training and concentrates on the correlation between the URAR form with USPAP, Fannie Mae Selling Guide, and the HUD 4000.1 Handbook. It can be provided in-person or online. It discusses necessary commentary, disabuses myths, and promotes comprehensive report writing coupled with bullet-proof record keeping.

Contact APC at 512-554-3866 or info@appraiserconsult.com for more details.

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