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Forensic support for successful defense of a Repurchase Demand


A repurchase can cost your AMC tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. APC will manage the demand process from start to finish and produce the best possible outcome. 


One of Mark Loftus's specialties as an investigator for the Texas appraiser board, was the review of appraisal reviews. It was quite often discovered that such reports consisted of conjecture and unsubstantiated opinions and conclusions.


APC produces trial-ready, forensic reviews of the at-issue appraisal reports. Obviously, neither side wants to go to court. That is why the comparison of a forensic review (with ironclad support for opinions and conclusions) to a subjective field review will dissuade the other side from further pursuit of the repurchase demand. 


Contact APC at 512-554-3866 or for more details.