I feel as though I learned so much from you to make my appraisals the best and feel good about my final product. You provided a lot of helpful things to do in order to speed the process and improve the quality of each appraisal. Thanks again for helping me improve my work and teaching me a better process for a better appraisal.

​J. Wilburn

​Big Lake, TX

Thank you for the work you did in mentoring me. The video conference format was especially helpful. It allowed you to display your point of view in my appraisal but also transition to USPAP, Fannie Mae, HUD and other reference materials seamlessly. This allowed me to see how those guidelines were or were not being met and how I needed [to] adjust my approach to the specific areas of need. Having my appraisal be used as the "course material" for this process allows every part of the process to be meaningful to me. The added benefit of your notes in 2 of my appraisals for reference alone was worth the price of admission. Thanks again

​B. Harris

​San Antonio, TX


The fee is $125/hr with a minimum 4-hour retainer.

After your payment, you will receive an e-mail from APC requesting more information. Please check your spam folder for this e-mail. If you do not receive it, please contact us at​ info@appraiserconsult.com

As a TALCB-approved mentor, I am available to provide the instruction described in your agreement with the state.

Please contact me directly to discuss what you need from a mentor at       512-554-3866.


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